Information dynamics of evolved agents

Information-theoretic techniques have received much recent attention as tools for the analysis of embodied agents. However, while techniques for quantifying static information structure are well-established, the application of information theory to the analysis of temporal behavior is still in its infancy. Here we formulate a novel information-theoretic approach for analyzing the dynamics of information flow in embodied systems. To demonstrate our approach, we apply it to analyze a previously evolved model of relational categorization. The results of this analysis demonstrate the unique strengths of our approach for exploring the detailed structure of information dynamics, and point towards a natural synergy between temporally-extended information theory and dynamical systems theory.

Williams, P.L. and Beer, R.D. (2010). Information dynamics of evolved agents. In S. Doncieux, B. Girard, A. Guillot, J. Hallam, J.-A. Meyer and J-B. Mouret (Eds.), From Animals to Animats 11: Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Simulation of Adaptive Behavior (pp. 38-49). Springer.


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