An embodied dynamical approach to relational categorization

This paper presents a novel approach to the study of relational categorization based on the evolution of simulated agents in a relational task. In contrast to most previous models of relational categorization, which begin by assuming abstract representations and role-filler binding mechanisms, we begin by studying relational behavior in embodied dynamical agents, which results in a wider range of possibilities for relational mechanisms. The mathematical tools of dynamical systems theory are used to analyze the relational mechanism of the best evolved agent, and we then identify some of the insights offered by this analysis.

Williams, P.L., Beer, R.D., and Gasser, M. (2008). An embodied dynamical approach to relational categorization. In B.C. Love, K. McRae and V.M. Sloutsky (Eds.), Proceedings of the 30th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (pp. 223-228).


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